• The Orchard

    Ripening Red Rome Beauties

    Tick, Tock, Tick Tock, the clock goes slow for these beauties. Early October is their scheduled ripening period so there is still a whole month to wait… I’m keeping an eye on them and don’t think they all will last that long. Tempting…

  • Keeper Notes,  The Orchard

    “Late” Summer Pruning

    I try not to prune anything in the autumn and since it is still summer took the time to quickly clean up some branches. I’ll have to remember to do a quick prune in May/June to help ensure no energy is wasted on shoots that restrict airflow or head back to the main trunk.

  • The Berry Patch,  Woodworking

    Goji Trellis – Random Weekend Project

    Spent the morning down at Beard Park and had a free afternoon. I’ve been feeling the need to do something constructive with my hands so since I had all the odds and ends needed it was time to build a trellis for the goji berry bush we planted this spring. Making this trellis was relatively easy as I had some 6 ft trim strips so the most complicated part was matching the appropriate drill bit for the screws so there is no splitting. After anchoring the trims together on one end I used some scrap 2×6 ends to curve the boards and then finished by cutting some horizontal strips that…

  • The Berry Patch

    Blackberries! 1 a day….

    The interesting thing about establishing berry bushes or beds is that you don’t want much fruit the first couple years so that the roots can establish themselves. However this means that when you do get a handful of berries they all ripen at different times. These blackberries are making us pick 1 a day so we can’t spoil our appetite. Unfortunately the deer are still having a field day with the thornless variety. If that keeps up we may just transplant some of these as the deer seem to not give them any attention.

  • Our Town

    Lunch with a View

    Finally made our way to Brian’s Landing at Green Lakes today. It definitely is a place with a view. Elaine and I had a nice lunch and even enjoyed a summer shower from the cover portion of the patio. Will have to take the kids out on one of the clear bottom boats at Green Lakes soon.

  • The Garden

    Garden Planning – Conundrums

    We succeeded in building the raised beds and the new to-be strawberry patch. The question is what to do with the extra space that has filled in nicely with clovers. I’m thinking 2020 will be focused on just maintaining the raised beds to hopefully have a successful garden. If all goes well then we’ll do some traditional rows. With the grape arbor in place for an entrance we’ll have to build out the fence to match, definitely.

  • The Orchard

    A Glimpse of an Unfenced Orchard

    Every other month the grass gets a little too crazy in the fencing so we need to go through the process of taking down the fencing. (untie, unstake, move) Mowing, cleaning the mulch (weeds) and trimming any suckers sprouting from the roots. The upside? I get a short glimpse of what it will look like when I no longer need all the fencing to ward off the deer… many many years from now.

  • The Orchard

    Red Rome Beauties and Crimson Crisp

    This years apple bounty is exciting. It’s been 2 years since we originally planted our little orchard and having any apples at all on what started as whips is utterly fascinating. This year all 6 of the apple trees flowered but between the cold snaps and weather fluctuations only 2 of the trees formed fruit. This year I thinned the fruit early (reducing the number of growing fruit in half) not sure if it paid benefits or not but there hasn’t been any shattering like we saw last year. The Rome Red Beauty has a good dozen apples that look good enough to eat. They actually fully ripen in October…