• Central New York

    Windy Hill Orchards – Apple Picking

    Living in Central New York has its perks, one of them is being surrounded by Apple Orchards. Beak and Skiff is popular as it provides something for everyone in the family : Playground for the kids, Beverage Samples for the Adults and great food to boot. However when in the mood to really just enjoy a bit of nature and simply pick some apples I find that Windy Hill Orchards has a great price and small orchard feel. Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the quiet beauty of the orchard. We ended our morning outing with 64 lbs. of Apples and dozen cider donuts to enjoy at our…

  • The Orchard

    Ripening Red Rome Beauties

    Tick, Tock, Tick Tock, the clock goes slow for these beauties. Early October is their scheduled ripening period so there is still a whole month to wait… I’m keeping an eye on them and don’t think they all will last that long. Tempting…

  • The Orchard

    Red Rome Beauties and Crimson Crisp

    This years apple bounty is exciting. It’s been 2 years since we originally planted our little orchard and having any apples at all on what started as whips is utterly fascinating. This year all 6 of the apple trees flowered but between the cold snaps and weather fluctuations only 2 of the trees formed fruit. This year I thinned the fruit early (reducing the number of growing fruit in half) not sure if it paid benefits or not but there hasn’t been any shattering like we saw last year. The Rome Red Beauty has a good dozen apples that look good enough to eat. They actually fully ripen in October…

  • The Orchard


    Our First Apples?? Only time will tell but there are over 2 dozen pollinated Red Rome Beauties growing. We may get some shattering this year with the tree only being 1 year old (since planting) but it is great to see some fruit forming on even one of the trees. It’ll also be interesting to see how this tree grows comparing to the other ones as it will be putting energy into the apples on top of new growth.