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    Night on the Town, Art Museum Edition

    No matter how busy life gets its always worth taking a time out now and then to relax. The Everson Museum of Art was having an exhibit on Yoko Ono and I highly recommend going. We’ll be heading back with the kids so they can have some hands on time with their imagination.

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    Lunch with a View

    Finally made our way to Brian’s Landing at Green Lakes today. It definitely is a place with a view. Elaine and I had a nice lunch and even enjoyed a summer shower from the cover portion of the patio. Will have to take the kids out on one of the clear bottom boats at Green Lakes soon.

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    Reminder: Water any seedlings or moved plants

    Spent this Mother’s Day over at Sycamore Hill Gardens. Beautiful grounds with a coy pond, stepping stones, fairy garden, hedge maze and so much more. They hold a Mother’s Day Garden Tour that Elaine and I enjoy as it is the place to relax outdoors and the kids have so much fun feeding the fish and running the maze. I recommend it to anyone who lives in the Central New York area. This leads me to my words of warning. Remember to water, water, water any seedlings or plants you move. 7 of the strawberries we moved last night were wilted when I watered the garden 22hrs later… I’ll have…

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    We’re Going on a Park Hunt

    What better way to spend a Saturday morning than a hike with the kids to the park. Its great being able to walk to the park without having to drive. The biggest ordeal isn’t the hike there its coming back after kids are wiped from running around the park.

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    Brickyard Falls – Morning Hike with Dad

    Its Spring Break so we’re getting the first hike of the year out of the way (in prep of many more). The CNY Land Trust acquired more acreage along Brickyard Falls complete with existing 4-wheel trails that lead down to the creek bed (No need to scale the cliffs, although you can if you are careful). As such it is the perfect time to grab Grandpa (Dad) and go for a hike through the woods. Quite a nice enjoyable stroll with several old cars along the way. The great debate is whether the original owners took the trail to sharply and voila or if they were dumped here after they…

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    Edwards Falls – Found

    Decided enough was enough and went hiking the creek to find the elusive Edwards Falls. As you head upstream you get boxed in from the gorge walls with no easily traversable paths that would make the falls easily reachable. Getting your feet wet is the way to go. Others have traversed this path as well. I wonder what was here in the past. Brick Foundation that has crumbled but even more interesting is the stone arch to let the water flow under during periods of high water… some more research to do on this. Took longer than expected to reach the falls ~45 minutes, probably could be less but took…

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    Perry Springs Park

    While walking our new Puppy Willow, our neighbor mentioned a new Park in our town that we didn’t know existed. So of course that means time to go on an Adventure. Say hello to Perry Springs Park. Nice little park with some trails around the small ponds and a small Fish Hatchery fed by the natural springs. Added bonus more Raspberries! The kids sure do humor daddy.

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    A Walk in the Park, literally.

    Saturday found us going for a walk in the local park just down the street. The best part I find is that in addition to a nice old style playground for the kids there are a good amount of hiking trails that loop next to the creek and through the woods. Even better this time a year you can find Raspberries along the path to munch on. The only sad note to the day was that the Village removed the Bocce Ball courts… Who does that? Why would you take out the Bocce Ball courts… Add it to the things I’ll have to bring back. Perhaps we can extend the…

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    Hunt for the elusive Waterfall

    Elaine and I went on a Waterfall Hike with the boys up the creek  ~ 700 feet from the house. Although we didn’t make it to the waterfall as it required crossing the creek it was still a great time. The boys loved playing in the water and we found a great swimming area that we’ll be visiting when the water level is low and it is a little warmer. I’ll have to wander the creek alone to see if there is a good way to get the whole family to the waterfall. I wonder if we could talk the town into allowing us to build a walking path up the creek…