• The Orchard

    Paying some attention to the Apple Trees

    Its always easy to let nature takes it course but wait to long and it’ll mean assembling beds around the trees vs in advance. By my count this is the fourth set of beds for this year and the last. I wish we could leave the trees unfenced as it makes the space look so much more open. However we’re not taken any chances with the deer this year. We’ve already put up the garlic and enlarged the fences. From here on out it is simply making sure nothing grows in the mulch and mowing. Beyond taking care of the chickens and weeding the garden… Work in the field is…

  • The Garden

    Turning the Garden

    We saved some seeds from last year and with the turn in the weather its time to see if they will take! Hmm but the garden sure is weedy already. Luckily the straw from lining the chicken coop over the winter is being recycled to help to keep the weeds down this year. As an added bonus it will also stop the soil from drying out. We’re also going to slowly switch to raised beds to help make it more manageable (and keep the kids from tramping on the plants. Working the garden can be hard work but its just great to be outside. Also turned in our own compost…

  • Woodworking

    Beds and Trellises Round 2

    With the first rounds of Trellises and Beds looking good in the yard now for Round 2! With the late snow new spring plantings are delayed. One of the great things about ordering with Stark Bros is they don’t ship until the weather is good for planting, looking at chain stores and even nurseries their stock has already bloomed and the continued cold spell is not treating the plants well. Sunday and Monday was full of chopping 24 2x4s to make 3 more trellises and 10 beds. It’ll let us get all the new plants and the cherry trees boxed but still leave the Apple Trees. I guess there will…

  • The Berry Patch,  Woodworking

    Cleaning up the Blueberry Patch

    April Weekends are for yard work and today we installed the new Blueberry Beds. When we planted the bushes last year we put them a little to far down and so this means burying the beds partially into ground which will also help keep them from moving. Pick-Axes sure do come in handy working around the yard they are perfect for taking the top layer off of an area. A quick dig and some mulch and the patch is complete. Rounded off the day getting the Raspberry Trellises assembled and rough placed around the yard. Doing a quick count of things left to make and it looks like 30% of…

  • Woodworking

    Raspberry Beds/Trellis

    With the Blueberry Beds complete time to get the Raspberry Trellises together. The best part of straight joins is the ability to pre drill the screws. With the Trellis post centered on the edges decided to make the ends joined on the outside. It makes the overall footprint skinnier but better supports the post. Also decided to add some corner joints to make sure it doesn’t torque. After getting the bed assembled.. more staining, and more still to come to get full coverage.

  • The Berry Patch,  Woodworking

    Building Continues on the Blueberry Beds and Raspberry Trellises

    The great thing about working remotely is that in addition to being able to work from home, there isn’t any “set” hours to the day beyond those I define. Which makes it perfect for tackling all the Spring Yard work. Today we’re continuing the blueberry beds and raspberry trellises. After all the prep work yesterday I found myself in production mode: assemble, assemble, assemble. Its good to be outside and working with my hands. A little more staining and getting the bases for the raspberry beds together and we’ll be ready for the new arrivals… maybe, we still need to get the beds created for the cherry and apple trees.

  • Woodworking

    Weekend Projects : Prepping the Blueberry Beds

    With new trees and bushes on the way I better make sure the existing ones are well cared for. This Sunday’s project Miss Caprice joined me in prepping for the berry beds and Trellis. Showing her the “V” technique for marking lengths so you know where to make your cut. Cutting all the pieces to size, tHen getting the top and joints stained before starting assembly of the blueberry beds. We decided to go with hexagons, was thinking about octagons but I think the hexagons will draw the eye better. We’ll see when they are all installed. Hopefully will be able to keep working on everything over the next few…