• The Orchard

    A Harvest of Henson Cherries

    The Henson Cherry bushes were a bit of the splurge when we planted the first year. The color was what made we grab them, with the caveat that they would also produce cherries! Not that I’ve ever had a Henson cherry or know what they taste like. Well that question is now answered. We had our first harvest of cherries from the bushes… and the verdict is they remind me of concord grapes. When ripe they have a nice tangy sweetness but the texture is very pulpy. Which is 100% how I remember a concord to taste. Looking forward to future harvests where I can turn these into a pie,…

  • The Berry Patch,  The Orchard

    We have Cherries!

    Its official, I see little green cherries forming! I’ll have to figure out what netting to put up to keep the birds away but for today I’m going to enjoy the simple fact that we’re growing Cherries!!! The orchard is officially in business, so to say. I’m thinking we also have some blueberries as well but I’ll have to watch longer before making that call.

  • The Orchard

    Cherry Bush Down

    As it turns out we didn’t loose any plantings over the winter but one of the Hanson Cherry Bushes snapped 80% of the way through the main trunk. I was hoping with a little wrapping it would heal up but alas after seeing the new growth it was obvious it needed to be trimmed to regrow from the base. A small set back but happy to have not lost the bush in full.

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    Cherry Blossoms! and more

    Spring blossoms are so rewarding! I love enjoying the outdoors but there is something especially nice in seeing plants mature and thrive. Last year we got a few apple blossoms but nothing from the Cherry Trees. This year 2 of the cherry trees have a few dozen blossoms. Wait a few years and the whole yard will be a bloom! Take a moment and stroll the yard with me.