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    Compost Harvest!!

    The first frost of the year has struck, but luckily my little one was keeping an eye on it so we did a little harvesting the night before. Nothing but compost. There was some yams and other plants that sprang up but the tomatoes and spaghetti squash took over and gave us a nice little bounty. Time to get it all chopped down and turned for planting in the spring.

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    Garden Planning – Conundrums

    We succeeded in building the raised beds and the new to-be strawberry patch. The question is what to do with the extra space that has filled in nicely with clovers. I’m thinking 2020 will be focused on just maintaining the raised beds to hopefully have a successful garden. If all goes well then we’ll do some traditional rows. With the grape arbor in place for an entrance we’ll have to build out the fence to match, definitely.

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    Summer Compost Garden

    While in the process of building the new raised beds, or laying them out as there isn’t any actual “building”, I needed to remove our pallet compost bin. What to do with all our great compost? Why move it into the new bed of course. The greatest part is that not even a week later we already had tomato and melon seedlings growing. Of course these little ones have quite a late start but with continual global warming who knows they may have time to produce. Don’t you just adore nature? Going to have fun watching these take off, Also raised beds are much easier to maintain you just pluck…

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    Raising of the Grape Arbor

    This year’s big project was building a Grape Arbor that would also serve as the future entrance to our garden. Last year I found these plans while searching around and thought to myself you know two of these would span the entire width of our garden. If you are going to do something might as well go all out. Step 1 – Preparing the Foundation As with most projects it isn’t as simple as cutting and nailing the wood. First is measuring the locations for the posts and digging some 2 feet deep holes for our cement footers. Doesn’t help that it is April so the ground is still a…

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    Water + Sunshine => Growth

    It’s really enjoyable watching your plantings grow. Although beyond putting the seeds where they lay, Mother Nature takes care of the rest. Beyond a little weeding and irrigation. Take a stroll with me and enjoy the garden. We planted the sugar baby watermelon last so they are still catching up with everything else. However the Potato plants and Melons we planted from seeds saved from last year are really taking off. One of the raised garden beds is being taken over by unknown seedlings so we’ve officially got a mystery box this year mixed in with the parsley, chives and Pepper Plants we were planning.

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    August expanding the Strawberry Patch

    The best part of working on the garden is spending time with the kids. August acts all grown up and there isn’t anything he can’t do. We expanded the patch to 3 rows last week but today we increased it to 4 rows. All in total we have 55 Strawberry Plants in the Garden. I was wandering the yard and there are several more up by the patio as well. Those squirrels sure get around. I’m quite content with increasing the patch from 20 to 55 plants over 1 year. So no more transplants this year. We’ll see how much yield we get and if we’ll keep the patch this…

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    Reminder: Water any seedlings or moved plants

    Spent this Mother’s Day over at Sycamore Hill Gardens. Beautiful grounds with a coy pond, stepping stones, fairy garden, hedge maze and so much more. They hold a Mother’s Day Garden Tour that Elaine and I enjoy as it is the place to relax outdoors and the kids have so much fun feeding the fish and running the maze. I recommend it to anyone who lives in the Central New York area. This leads me to my words of warning. Remember to water, water, water any seedlings or plants you move. 7 of the strawberries we moved last night were wilted when I watered the garden 22hrs later… I’ll have…

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    An Unexpected Bounty of Strawberries

    Lo’ and behold August and I were hoeing the garden to plant some watermelon seeds when we had to double take what we were scraping up. To my surprise there were Strawberry plants growing 25 feet away from my Strawberry Patch. As far as I can tell a squirrel must have sat on the fence eating some strawberries last year and seeded the area with more strawberries. Time to move the plants down to the existing patch. Now with the plethora of strawberries “planted” time to work on the Watermelons. On the scale of snacks it goes #1 Apples, #2 Watermelon and #3 Cherries. I prefer to hoe the planting…