• Apple Blossom
    The Orchard

    Outlasting Spring Cold Snaps

    This past weekend we had 4 days with consistent temperatures below 30 F… in May. Sure a frost over night but snow fall and freezing temperatures come on. Wandering the yard today you wouldn’t know it had just snowed. 80 F sunny and the apple trees have started to bloom. Nature knows what it is doing, looking forward to watching them grow and hopefully a light harvest of multiple varieties. As for the cherry blossoms, they could care less that it was freezing out time to get a net so the birds and squirrels don’t eat every cherry like they did last year.

  • The Ridge

    Prepping the Chess Knoll

    Welcome to the start of an idea I’ve had since we moved in. Today we broke ground, or more aptly played in the dirt, leveling the Chess Knoll in front of our house. Technically its not a knoll but the great thing about names is they don’t have to be explicit. This patchy unused space is being flattened thanks to the assistance of the little ones in preparation for the outdoor chess board. As an unexpected win the remaining paving stones we got from my sister’s retaining wall were exactly what we needed to finish. It may only look like a sand pit but once I find the proper stone…

  • Central New York

    Physical Distancing at Highland Forest Park

    Weather in Central NY is starting to warm up. With COVID-19 a concern its hard to enjoy the usual park haunts without feeling a slight dread. To get a change of scene (from the house) we took a short drive down to Highland Forest Park. The lot was half full, but we stay covered and wandered the less traveled trails. It was nice to relax alone in the woods.

  • The Orchard

    Spring Blossoms

    Spring doesn’t truly come until the trees start blossoming. The cherry trees have been first in the past few years but with the nectarine and plum trees now taking root they look to be the early bloomers. So glad that we can enjoy nature in our very own yard.

  • Central New York

    Windy Hill Orchards – Apple Picking

    Living in Central New York has its perks, one of them is being surrounded by Apple Orchards. Beak and Skiff is popular as it provides something for everyone in the family : Playground for the kids, Beverage Samples for the Adults and great food to boot. However when in the mood to really just enjoy a bit of nature and simply pick some apples I find that Windy Hill Orchards has a great price and small orchard feel. Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the quiet beauty of the orchard. We ended our morning outing with 64 lbs. of Apples and dozen cider donuts to enjoy at our…

  • The Garden

    Compost Harvest!!

    The first frost of the year has struck, but luckily my little one was keeping an eye on it so we did a little harvesting the night before. Nothing but compost. There was some yams and other plants that sprang up but the tomatoes and spaghetti squash took over and gave us a nice little bounty. Time to get it all chopped down and turned for planting in the spring.

  • The Orchard

    Apple Picking – At Home

    One of my favorite activities every year is taking the family to go apple picking. It is the main reason we have a yard full of various fruits and berries. This year’s apple crop contains the singular Red Rome Beauty and what a sparkling red apple it is. I can’t think of a better way to spend the first day of Autumn.

  • The Vineyard

    Autumn Round-up :: Grapes Edition

    It appears the deer have developed a taste for my grape leaves. I’ve got some plans to keep them off but first I need to get around to staining the arbor and a training trellis to help them climb. Hopefully I’ll get around to both of those projects before the end of Autumn. Beyond the stripping of the leaves the vines are doing great. Each of them have grown several inches in height and seem to be very content in their new homes.