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    Water + Sunshine => Growth

    It’s really enjoyable watching your plantings grow. Although beyond putting the seeds where they lay, Mother Nature takes care of the rest. Beyond a little weeding and irrigation. Take a stroll with me and enjoy the garden. We planted the sugar baby watermelon last so they are still catching up with everything else. However the Potato plants and Melons we planted from seeds saved from last year are really taking off. One of the raised garden beds is being taken over by unknown seedlings so we’ve officially got a mystery box this year mixed in with the parsley, chives and Pepper Plants we were planning.

  • The Garden

    Unexpected Growth in the Garden

    Was wondering around the garden today taking a look at how the strawberries fared over the winter when some greenery caught my eye. After a few minutes of head scratching I realized the garlic I randomly planted last spring are sprouting. I wonder how their placement is going to change where all the raised beds were going to go…