• The Vineyard

    Autumn Round-up :: Grapes Edition

    It appears the deer have developed a taste for my grape leaves. I’ve got some plans to keep them off but first I need to get around to staining the arbor and a training trellis to help them climb. Hopefully I’ll get around to both of those projects before the end of Autumn. Beyond the stripping of the leaves the vines are doing great. Each of them have grown several inches in height and seem to be very content in their new homes.

  • Keeper Notes

    Revenge of the Japanese Beetles

    Spent a week down in the Outer Banks… came home to find my Cherry Trees and Grape Vines decimated by the late emerging Japanese Beetles. Captured 300+ of the little scarabs in a quick 15 minute picking, then another 100+ an hour and a half later. Yes, traps exist but from what I’ve read and seen they attract more than they trap. We’re going to move ahead with several routine pickings throughout the day and see if it gets back under control. The only question is what can I do the next time we go out of town… … at least the chickens had a good snack.