The Orchard

Spring Shopping – Orchard Edition

Spring Cleaning on the ridge starts with Shopping! What new trees, bushes and plants are we adding to the orchard this year? The short and simple answer would be everything and anything, the more realistic approach would be to wait and see how all the plantings last year did through the winter. My answer why put off to next year what can be done today.

This year we’ll be planting a nectarine tree, 2 plum trees, 3 pear trees, blackberries and black raspberries. Should be able to get some red raspberries from the neighbors and some pink from the parents to finish my vision for the raspberry patch. I’m not 100% sure where everything will end up planted but looking forward to the new additions.

In some ways, whats even more exciting is that we are getting some potted citrus trees for the house. Some extra greenery, better air quality and with proper pruning and care maybe some limes, lemons and oranges in a couple years. Starting your orchard is a waiting game in more ways than one. Here’s to a great 2018.

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