Keeper Notes

Keeper’s Log : 07-21-2019

Haven’t been posting lately will need to back fill with all the pictures from last year and this spring… first we’ll need to wrap up a few tasks that are in progress.

  1. Clean-up Brush Pile
  2. Migrate Stone Pavers to the Garden (Heavy!!! 80lbs each)
  3. Build remaining 3 raised beds in Garden
  4. Clean-up and remove old pallet compost bin
  5. Expand Grape beds (min 12 inch footer to reduce weeds)
  6. Clear Coat Grape Arbor
  7. Weed plant beds around walkway
  8. Weed plant beds below bay window.
  9. Remove weeds from brick patios/paths
  10. Trim Trees (raise above head 6 & 1/2 feet minimum)

The list goes on and on of course but lets not make it overwhelming.

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