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Planting Day – 2020, Garden Edition

The final frost of Spring “should” be over so today is planting day! The kids are all excited as they get their own garden bed to sow. We’re trying the traditional gardening method of indegenous people with the 3 sisters.

Each box has a row of corn down the middle surrounded by peas/beans and then a squash. The concept is that the beans/peas will grow up the corn stalks and fixate nitrogen into the soil as fertilizer while the squash’s broad leaves will provide weed control and help retain moisture in the soil.

The soil itself has a layer of compost (wood shavings, chicken poop and food/lawn scraps under the top soil so it will be interesting to see how much growth we get and if the compost on the bottom helps root growth with continued decomposition.

The kids loved the planting, we’ll see how they do with weeding and watering.

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