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    Planning the 2020 Garden

    Months ago my sister redid her retaining wall and only this past week did I finally get around to playing building blocks with them. After some basic math there was enough complete blocks to create 4 corner beds . to frame the garden. This left me all the top pieces to make a center bed. After some trial and error we settled on creating an oval with some accents at all compass points. We’ll be planting a new variety of strawberries in here next year. The inner pedestal still needs some work but I do like how the sundial is the center piece. Added bonus is I need to know…

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    Migrating Plum Trees

    One of the unforeseen issues with planting Trees. Location is key, although the plum tree would be great as shade tree by the road it removes access to our front yard. Something that was sorely needed when replacing the septic. At least it was only planted a year ago and hadn’t fully established itself in the yard. Welcome to your new home, 50 feet East North East of your last one. More travel than most trees do in their lifetime. It will be interesting to see how the displacement impacts its growth as the roots re-establish themselves.

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    Water + Sunshine => Growth

    It’s really enjoyable watching your plantings grow. Although beyond putting the seeds where they lay, Mother Nature takes care of the rest. Beyond a little weeding and irrigation. Take a stroll with me and enjoy the garden. We planted the sugar baby watermelon last so they are still catching up with everything else. However the Potato plants and Melons we planted from seeds saved from last year are really taking off. One of the raised garden beds is being taken over by unknown seedlings so we’ve officially got a mystery box this year mixed in with the parsley, chives and Pepper Plants we were planning.

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    New Growth

    The greatest part about spring is the ease at which the decision to go outside comes. No real thought to the weather or what to wear its simply “I’m going outside”. Its great being able to stroll the yard and take in all the changes. All but the black raspberries are showing new growth, not concerned as the 6 inch canes have nice green color to them but would expect expect a shoot by now. Surprise surprise we have a new strawberry plant growing in the patch. Here I was hoping for runners and it looks like a discarded seed has taken root. tete

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    Happy Easter Chicks!

    What better way to celebrate Spring than with Chicks 🙂 Having only 2 chickens seems a bit lonely so we’re adding 6 more to the flock. 3 Rhode Island Red and 3 Plymouth Rock will make for a colorful yard. For now these cute little chirpers are hanging out with my in the office. Their box is 2.5 feet high but that is nothing to these chicks, not even home for 18 hours and they are already roosting on the top of the box. Willow doesn’t quite know what to make of them circling and circling the box. She’ll come around but for now we’re keeping her away to make…

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    Tree Removal isn’t complete with the stumps still in the ground. Good thing for pick axes and sledge hammers. 3 down 18 more to go. 1 a day will let us get them cleaned up mid-August and allow proper re-grading and getting some grass started prior to the winter. We’ll see if I keep at it, already got quite a few blisters… why don’t I remember to wear gloves? Would be nice to have them gone.