• The Berry Patch

    A stroll through the berry patches

    Hmmm going to have to think of a new name to talk collectively about the various berries as they definitely aren’t in a single patch. Topic for another day. The blackberries are having issues as last year’s growth failed to bud, note to self to look into why so it doesn’t happen next year. I am excited to see that the black raspberries are showing flowers and should give a small crop this year.

  • The Berry Patch,  The Orchard

    We have Cherries!

    Its official, I see little green cherries forming! I’ll have to figure out what netting to put up to keep the birds away but for today I’m going to enjoy the simple fact that we’re growing Cherries!!! The orchard is officially in business, so to say. I’m thinking we also have some blueberries as well but I’ll have to watch longer before making that call.

  • The Berry Patch,  Woodworking

    Cleaning up the Blueberry Patch

    April Weekends are for yard work and today we installed the new Blueberry Beds. When we planted the bushes last year we put them a little to far down and so this means burying the beds partially into ground which will also help keep them from moving. Pick-Axes sure do come in handy working around the yard they are perfect for taking the top layer off of an area. A quick dig and some mulch and the patch is complete. Rounded off the day getting the Raspberry Trellises assembled and rough placed around the yard. Doing a quick count of things left to make and it looks like 30% of…

  • The Berry Patch

    2018 : Blueberry Patch

    I kind of neglected the Blueberry Bushes last year. We saw some decent leaf growth but the plants themselves were often cropped on by deer and I also think they were a bit “shocked” during the initial planting. Certainly didn’t help that I never got around to covering them for the winter and the last winter storm caused some breakage. Live, Learn and do better. We’ll start 2018 by straightening up the patch and getting some proper low profile fencing up to let them thrive.