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Beetle Notes

Wandered out to check on the trees about every hour today to get a better sense of how much of a pest these beetles are.


  • Most Active¬†between the hours of 10 – 5
  • Japanese Beetles found on:
    • Apple Trees
    • Cherry Trees
    • Rasberries
    • Hanson Cherry Bushes
    • Daisies
    • Sunflowers
    • Sweet Corn
    • Blueberry Bushes (1)
  • Beetles will fall off leaves then fly away if shaken or touched.
  • Soap n Water drowns them and seems easiest way to kill them

Spoke with our neighbor and they had a weed that was covered in 50+ beetles but daisies were not touched. We managed to get a good portion of them into my Beetle Jar as well. Her son says that if you squish them or leave them on the ground they attract other beetles so being careful to get them all in the jar and thrown away at the end of the day.

Interestingly our neighbor down the street (more wooded area) hasn’t seen any of the Japanese Beatles in his flowers, will have to investigate this more.

Also note that I’m hearing this year is worst its been, could be from the warm spells and lots of rain.

Current Treatment Routine

  • Hourly Rounds with Soapy Water to kill any beetles between 9-6.
  • Verify active hours
  • Identify any other plants they are attracted to in the yard/neighbors yards

At least now I know what Beetle Juice looks like…

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