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Potato Planting… Why not?

After hiking Brickyard Falls this morning in the misty rain it cleared up quite nicely so I was able to get the higher fencing up on the southern border of the garden and get all the new trees fenced and anchored. Last year mid-summer we had some deer trouble so hoping to nip that in the bud this year with the fencing and garlic sticks. They are supposed to last 6 months but the ones I put up 9 months ago still are quite potent.

After the fencing was up it was quite easy to hoe the garden with the moisture level of the dirt. Cleaned up the garlic to make sure it doesn’t get taken over by weeds (and the kids don’t step on it). Then turned our hands to planting some red and yellow potatoes, because why not? Seems easy enough, plant a non treated potato in the soil and let it grow to a potato plant and then harvest new potatoes (According to “The Martian”). I doubt it is that easy but than again everything strives to survive so maybe it is.

P.S. As an aside Chick-Chick and Charlotte are super pissed they can no longer go into the garden.

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