The Orchard

Red Rome Beauties and Crimson Crisp

This years apple bounty is exciting. It’s been 2 years since we originally planted our little orchard and having any apples at all on what started as whips is utterly fascinating.

This year all 6 of the apple trees flowered but between the cold snaps and weather fluctuations only 2 of the trees formed fruit. This year I thinned the fruit early (reducing the number of growing fruit in half) not sure if it paid benefits or not but there hasn’t been any shattering like we saw last year.

The Rome Red Beauty has a good dozen apples that look good enough to eat. They actually fully ripen in October and I don’t know if I’ll be able to let them stay on the tree without taking a snack out of them.

We also ended up with a single Crimson Crisp apple as well. These taste just like granny smiths and I’m looking forward to seeing the future harvests from the 2 trees of this variety we planted.

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