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    Autumn Round-up :: Grapes Edition

    It appears the deer have developed a taste for my grape leaves. I’ve got some plans to keep them off but first I need to get around to staining the arbor and a training trellis to help them climb. Hopefully I’ll get around to both of those projects before the end of Autumn. Beyond the stripping of the leaves the vines are doing great. Each of them have grown several inches in height and seem to be very content in their new homes.

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    Raising of the Grape Arbor

    This year’s big project was building a Grape Arbor that would also serve as the future entrance to our garden. Last year I found these plans while searching around and thought to myself you know two of these would span the entire width of our garden. If you are going to do something might as well go all out. Step 1 – Preparing the Foundation As with most projects it isn’t as simple as cutting and nailing the wood. First is measuring the locations for the posts and digging some 2 feet deep holes for our cement footers. Doesn’t help that it is April so the ground is still a…