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    We have a Flock of Chickens

    After many days of hand wringing and close watch of the chickens the chicks and chickens are finally getting along. All separating fences are down and they are free to roam. We now have a flock of Chickens as 2 was definitely only a couple. We’ll need to upgrade the roosting bar in the coop as its currently only a 2′ x 1′ fir strip. While we are at it should also make sure to put some more in the enclosed area of the coop, but that is a project for another day.

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    Integrating the Chicks with the Chickens…

    So far the Chickens aren’t playing so nice with the Chicks and repeatedly peck them and squawk while they are in the run together. No big issues so far as we’ve been around while they are out. We’re going to have to let them figure it out shortly. In the mean time they are quite content roosting on their box below the coop. It makes me want to put a little perch/bar in their area but no I have to stop myself as its only temporary.

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    They’re free, free… FREE!!!

    Once you get chickens you start to see them everywhere. Our Neighbors got some chicks the same time as our little ones. With the weather cooperating its time to start letting the chicks mingle with the mature chickens. I’m a little nervous about how Charlotte will treat them so we’re going to take this real slow. For now they’ll all be in their run while we’re outside and hopefully after a few weeks they’ll all be able to happily share the coop. I’m nervous the fence isn’t tall enough as these chicks can fly!

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    Chicks in the Hen House :: Day 2

    Its day 2 and the chicks seem to be super excited about being outside. They were out of the box for most of the day simply wandering and pecking at the ground. Even saw a few scratching at it in imitation of the adult chickens. Chick-Chick and Charlotte aren’t that interested in them except for trying to steal their food. Definitely need to keep an eye on their water and food a little more in this heat wave but so far so good. We’ll let them wonder the whole run this weekend when not distracted by work and other misc weekday activities.

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    The Chicks are outside!!

    With May comes the warmer weather and the chicks are out to the coop. Well under the coop as they get acclimated to Chick-Chick and Charlotte. Beyond their solo explorations of the office and the garage the box is where they’ve spent all their time so keeping it for their use for the time being. We’ll want to most likely downsize so they get a little more running around space when they aren’t able to be in the yard. They were a little hesitant but by the end of the day they all had ventured out to peak around, and to eat as we strategically placed that out and about.…

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    The Great Chicken Escape!

    Came home this morning to find out the Chickens decided to roam the neighborhood while we were gone. Great thing is finding out it wasn’t a big deal as they followed me right back into their “yard”. Some clucking and finger snapping did the trick, I guess they know where their food comes from. Of course I had to reward them for being so great with a whole cup of Mealworms! Just wait until all the chicks are roaming around as well.

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    Chicks are a Roosting

    The chicks sure are roosting a lot. The Plymouth Rocks are always on top of the box, the reds seem pretty content to hang out below but are starting to jump up to the roosting bars we put in at varying heights. Another 2 weeks in the house before we move them out to the screened 3 season porch.

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    Happy Easter Chicks!

    What better way to celebrate Spring than with Chicks ­čÖé Having only 2 chickens seems a bit lonely so we’re adding 6 more to the flock. 3 Rhode Island Red and 3 Plymouth Rock will make for a colorful yard. For now these cute little chirpers are hanging out with my in the office. Their box is 2.5 feet high but that is nothing to these chicks, not even home for 18 hours and they are already roosting on the top of the box. Willow doesn’t quite know what to make of them circling and circling the box. She’ll come around but for now we’re keeping her away to make…

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    Chickens, Chickens and Chickens!

    The Chickens have arrived! Luckily was able to get the ramp and remaining trim work around the chicken wire complete before Elaine got back. Kids are having fun giving them all names. They will most likely change over the next few days/weeks but for now we have. Ms. White >┬áChick~Chick Ms. Red > Castle Ms. Black > Charlotte Ms. Black Q > Coraline Yes for some reason the names the kids came up with all started with “C” so we kept it going. Castle seems to be very bossy hoarding the food and keeping the others at bay. Chick~Chick is adventurous and the only chicken to explore the coop prior…