Chickens, Chickens and Chickens!

The Chickens have arrived! Luckily was able to get the ramp and remaining trim work around the chicken wire complete before Elaine got back. Kids are having fun giving them all names. They will most likely change over the next few days/weeks but for now we have.

Ms. White > Chick~Chick
Ms. Red > Castle
Ms. Black > Charlotte
Ms. Black Q > Coraline

Yes for some reason the names the kids came up with all started with “C” so we kept it going. Castle seems to be very bossy hoarding the food and keeping the others at bay. Chick~Chick is adventurous and the only chicken to explore the coop prior to night fall. They had us worried they wouldn’t go up but come 8 PM in they went. Tomorrow we’ll get the pulley setup so that we can open close the ramp door in the morning and at night as well as getting a solid lock on the back entrance to the coop that we use for easy cleaning.

1 egg so far with 4 chickens it should average 2 a day but we’ll see!


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