Out with the Old…

Trees are coming!! In under a week at that… we need to clear the southern border of deer food a.k.a Cedar Trees fast. Nothing like a brisk April morning for chopping and de-limbing some trees. Luckily Mike had a chain saw as that is one tool I don’t like having around the house. I’d be tempted to use it on smaller jobs and I find a healthy level of fear/caution is essential when working with chain saws. Don’t want to become over familiar and have an accident.

Elaine didn’t want to be left out so she started prepping the boards for the soon-to-be Chicken Coop.

Year One of Phoenix Ridge has begun, I’d say I can’t wait to see how it turns out but that would be wrong as we have to enjoy the adventure vs. the destination. Plus its not like we’ll ever be “done”. If all goes well we’ll have our first Harvest Party in 2020.

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