Phoenix Ridge

August 2016, Elaine and I bought our perfect home for the family. And knowing us that means projects! and so welcome to Phoenix Ridge Orchard and Gardens, if all goes well 🙂

Spring of 2017 we planted 6 Apple Trees, 7 Blue Berry Bushes, 3 Cherry Trees and 2 Hanson Cherry Bushes as well as some strawberries, why not right? I’m hoping to add plum, pear and nectarines trees and maybe a smattering of blackberry, raspberry around the acre. After some research I decided to buy the plants online from Stark Bro‘s Nurseries & Orchards. There were a couple nurseries here in Central New York that I could of gotten them from however with never taking care of a garden, tree before I thought it best to get some 3 year old whips ($25) vs spending $80+ on more mature trees. I wonder too if in the long run they’ll do better as the roots will grow into the yard vs being tangled from the root ball

All random speculation at this point, here’s to the start of another adventure. For all the family looking forward to Fall Harvest parties we’re looking at 3-5 years for the first yield. The wait will be worth it!

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