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Edwards Falls – Found

Decided enough was enough and went hiking the creek to find the elusive Edwards Falls. As you head upstream you get boxed in from the gorge walls with no easily traversable paths that would make the falls easily reachable. Getting your feet wet is the way to go.

Others have traversed this path as well.

I wonder what was here in the past. Brick Foundation that has crumbled but even more interesting is the stone arch to let the water flow under during periods of high water… some more research to do on this.

Took longer than expected to reach the falls ~45 minutes, probably could be less but took my time on the way up picking the path.

Need to go a different way back of course 🙂 Stone river beds are so interesting.

Not sure if I’ll take August up to the falls this year. The current in one of the crossings is quite strong. Would need to keep a solid hand hold on the kids as they wade across the creek. Bathing suits and water shoes a must as the water reaches up to my knees on the way through. If you decide to make the hike up grab a walking stick as it helps when wading across as another anchor weight to keep your footing.

Definitely worth the effort, and I do think we could make a trail from the village park all the way to the falls, would need 5-6 bridges, thats all 🙂

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