Hen House,  Keeper Notes

Cleaning the Coop

With the warm weather comes, cleaning the chicken coop. Luckily we have 3 pairs of little hands to help on this seasonal task. Having laminate flooring under the bedding made cleanup a breeze. With just the 2 chickens the bedding stayed overly dry with the lower layer completely dry so a quick sweep  did the trick without the need of mopping. Even with quadrupling the number of chickens (+6) next year I think the amount of bedding should be about the same.

We also tossed a bunch of hay down on the fenced in portion of their coop as they pecked it to dirt. Surprisingly it equaled 2 wheelbarrow loads, way way too much. After cleanup we laid out about 1/8th the¬†amount. Enough for them to scratch at and keep from getting overly muddy in the rain but not a “floor”.

The chickens didn’t mind at all and were more excited about exploring the garden than what was going on in their house.

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