Happy Easter Chicks!

What better way to celebrate Spring than with Chicks 🙂 Having only 2 chickens seems a bit lonely so we’re adding 6 more to the flock. 3 Rhode Island Red and 3 Plymouth Rock will make for a colorful yard. For now these cute little chirpers are hanging out with my in the office. Their box is 2.5 feet high but that is nothing to these chicks, not even home for 18 hours and they are already roosting on the top of the box.

I shall name you trouble.

Willow doesn’t quite know what to make of them circling and circling the box. She’ll come around but for now we’re keeping her away to make sure there are no accidents, she is a terrier after all. Apollo doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.

The kids are all for simply watching them and making sure their tray is never empty of food. Names will be a challenge as they seem to want to name the chicks after themselves, not confusing at all!

Weather forecast has a couple of cold snaps coming so the plan is to keep them in the office for the next 2 weeks before we move them to the 3 season porch and then into their own area of the coop until Chick-Chick and Charlotte get used to having them as part of the flock.

If all goes well by fall we should be getting a solid 2 dozen eggs or more a week which is the perfect amount for us.

Note to self we might want to “carpet” the ramp to the coop to make it easier on the chicks at first.

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