The Berry Patch

Delivery, Hackley Legacy Pink

The In-Laws stopped by yesterday with a bucket of Raspberry out shoots. The best part of Raspberries are they are resilient and multiple like crazy. Brian dropped off a whole 5 gallon drum of 1 year plants. Even with the sleet last night the ground was more than soft enough to work.

The Raspberry patch is on the hill so the largest task (after construction) is simply getting them level (or near to). After working pealing off the top layer of grass and mixing in some fresh garden soil (our native soil is pretty much clay under 2 inches) we’re ready for planting. After filling the bed I’m debating moving some canes into the neighboring patch. We’ll see how it looks after I get the other Trellis installed and cleaned up.

Ended up adding some mulch as well just for weed control. I’ll have to look into if that causes issues with new growth/shoots. This variety is white/pink depending on who you talk to and so I’m naming them “Hackley Legacy Pink” since they come from the Farm. When all is said and done we’ll have reds, pinks and black raspberries this year maybe in a few years we’ll add some purple as well! I might try and get them to grow from seeds vs getting existing growth.


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