• The Berry Patch

    A stroll through the berry patches

    Hmmm going to have to think of a new name to talk collectively about the various berries as they definitely aren’t in a single patch. Topic for another day. The blackberries are having issues as last year’s growth failed to bud, note to self to look into why so it doesn’t happen next year. I am excited to see that the black raspberries are showing flowers and should give a small crop this year.

  • The Berry Patch

    Eye on the Red Raspberries

    To date we haven’t had a full yield from our two red raspberry beds. Last year we planted 6 shoots that yielded a couple berries but as expected most of their energy went into growing new roots. This year we saw a few spring berries but nothing to note. Even though the canes are only 2 feet high it does look like we are going to have a pretty decent yield in a few weeks. Now if only I can keep the kids from eating all the berries before I can collect them.

  • The Berry Patch

    Fall crop of raspberries are looking good!

    I’m a little behind in mowing the yard this year and haven’t been paying close attention to the raspberry patches now that the japanese beetles have gone on their way. What a pleasant surprise to find the fall crop is already underway. Here’s to the first raspberry of September. On a side note we’re also going to get a nice crop of traditional red raspberries that most are familiar with.

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    Cherry Blossoms! and more

    Spring blossoms are so rewarding! I love enjoying the outdoors but there is something especially nice in seeing plants mature and thrive. Last year we got a few apple blossoms but nothing from the Cherry Trees. This year 2 of the cherry trees have a few dozen blossoms. Wait a few years and the whole yard will be a bloom! Take a moment and stroll the yard with me.

  • The Berry Patch

    Spring Planting 2018 : Part Four

    Introducing Thompson Red Red Raspberries. Or simply put traditional Red Raspberries of the unknown variety. Our neighbors have raspberries growing around their garden and were kind enough to let us dig up a few plants to complete our Raspberry patch expansion. As of now we have Red, Pink and Black… we’ll add some purple in the future but the patch is complete for 2018. Now to water, weed and watch them grow. Which they are already doing.

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    Spring Planting 2018 : Part One

    With the Stark Bro’s order arriving today its déjà vu time starting the day off with staining and assembling of the remaining Raspberry Trellises. The kids sure are a lot of help and take turns between painting and riding their bikes and scooters. They’ve been cooped up too long. Low and behold right after lunch the Pears, Plums and Black Raspberries arrived and the kids are biting at the bit to play in the dirt. We decided to start with the Black Raspberries, which in hindsight might have waited to last as there was a lot of beds to get dug out and leveled. Kids were entertained digging for worms while…

  • The Berry Patch

    Delivery, Hackley Legacy Pink

    The In-Laws stopped by yesterday with a bucket of Raspberry out shoots. The best part of Raspberries are they are resilient and multiple like crazy. Brian dropped off a whole 5 gallon drum of 1 year plants. Even with the sleet last night the ground was more than soft enough to work. The Raspberry patch is on the hill so the largest task (after construction) is simply getting them level (or near to). After working pealing off the top layer of grass and mixing in some fresh garden soil (our native soil is pretty much clay under 2 inches) we’re ready for planting. After filling the bed I’m debating moving…

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    Cleaning up the Blueberry Patch

    April Weekends are for yard work and today we installed the new Blueberry Beds. When we planted the bushes last year we put them a little to far down and so this means burying the beds partially into ground which will also help keep them from moving. Pick-Axes sure do come in handy working around the yard they are perfect for taking the top layer off of an area. A quick dig and some mulch and the patch is complete. Rounded off the day getting the Raspberry Trellises assembled and rough placed around the yard. Doing a quick count of things left to make and it looks like 30% of…

  • The Berry Patch

    2018 : Raspberry Patch

    Last year we started the Raspberry Patch with some off shoots from the Father-in-law. They are “pink” and were great in that we got some good pickings during the first year. Getting the Raspberry Trellises installed this year will spruce up the yard and help keep the deer at bay. We’ll also be expanding with some “red” raspberries from our neighbors and some “black” raspberries we ordered that should be arriving next week.

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    Raspberry Bushes going in.

    Brian was nice enough to bring up some White Raspberry shoots this weekend .. Planting Time! I’m thinking the northern border makes perfect sense as it doesn’t get much foot traffic! In total there are 7 connected plants we’ll see how they do. Haven’t done my research on Raspberries yet so we’ll see if we get a yield this year! Thanks! Now I just need some Purple and Red Raspberries, Blackberries…. lets not get a head of ourselves now Matthew.