Hen House

The Chicks are outside!!

With May comes the warmer weather and the chicks are out to the coop. Well under the coop as they get acclimated to Chick-Chick and Charlotte. Beyond their solo explorations of the office and the garage the box is where they’ve spent all their time so keeping it for their use for the time being. We’ll want to most likely downsize so they get a little more running around space when they aren’t able to be in the yard.

They were a little hesitant but by the end of the day they all had ventured out to peak around, and to eat as we strategically placed that out and about. Charlotte was overly eager to eat their food but the fencing is keeping them separated for now.

While we were out there did a little more weeding and prepping of the first of many raised beds we’ll be doing in the garden to help cut down on the weeding and yearly work in the garden turning the soil.

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