Boundary Lines, Surveying for future plantings

According to the deed we’ve got just under 1 acre of land. However last year I wasn’t able to find any of the steel boundary markers. Using the survey and a metal detector last year I turned up nothing, all I knew was the 1 marker on the southern border that is visible above ground. However I was pretty certain our neighbors are encroaching 10-15 feet on the North East Corner.

I’m playing with ideas for Asparagus beds and other plantings so today was the day to final settle where the boundaries are once and for all. So with Survey, Measuring Tape, Metal Detector, Stakes and August (my assistant) its time to Survey the Ridge.

It took us 2 hours but we found all the markers and long story short the property is larger than I thought. Now we need to decide if we want to reconfigure the chicken run to let them have a little more shade and digging area under the pines, If we want to plant some more trees (don’t have any peaches yet) or what exactly to do with the space.

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