C-Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow Elaine is picking up the chickens from her Aunt… which means we need to get this chicken coop done! Last night we prepped the chicken wire so first Task is getting it all closed in.

Next up, the Roof. We can’t be hammering the asphalt shingles down with the chickens inside now can we. A Hammer, Nails and 5 packs of Shingles will get this job done. Kids wanted to climb up on the roof as well but settled for the ladder and trees. Going to have to keep an eye on Lionel he is starting to get up but doesn’t know how to get back down…

Now to work on the details. Windows, Egg Box, Door… and that leaves us with the trim, ramp and lining the chicken’s box for tomorrow morning. T-minus 14 hours until the chickens arrive.

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